4 Discovering Sweep

Sweep comes with many useful commands and features for working with SWI-Prolog. This section lists suggested ways for you to get to know the provided commands and make the most out of Sweep.

The main documentation resource for Sweep is this very manual. It describes almost every command and customization option that Sweep provides. Since Sweep includes many features, describing all them makes this manual longer then you’d probably want to read upfront. Instead it’s recommended that you skim this manual to get an idea of the available features, and then return to it as a reference during your work with Sweep.

To open this manual from within Emacs, type C-h i (info) to open the Info reader, followed by d m sweep RET to go to the top Info directory and select the Sweep manual. Sweep also provides a convenient command for opening the manual:

Command: sweeprolog-info-manual

Display the Sweep manual in Info.

To open the relevant part of the manual for a specific command that you want to learn more about, type C-h F followed by the name of that command. For example, typing C-h F sweeprolog-info-manual RET brings up this manual section in Info. If the command you’re interested in is bound to a key sequence, you can go to its Info node by typing C-h K followed by the key sequence that invokes it.

Other than the text in this manual, Sweep commands and user options have Elisp documentation strings that describe them individually. The various Emacs Help commands (C-h k, C-h f, C-h v, etc.) display these documentation strings in a dedicated Help buffer (see (emacs)Help). From the Help buffer, you can jump to the relevant Info node typing i (help-goto-info) to read more about related commands and customization options.

You can also view an HTML version of this manual online at https://eshelyaron.com/sweep.html.

To learn about recent changes and new features in Sweep, check out the NEWS file that comes with Sweep. You can open it with the command sweeprolog-view-news:

Command: sweeprolog-view-news

View the Sweep NEWS file.