17.2 General improvements

Facilitate interactive debugging

Sweep should facilitate interactive debugging of SWI-Prolog code. This is a big topic that we don’t clearly address. Perhaps this should be handled through a Debug Adapter Protocol integration similar to dap-swi-prolog (Debug Adapter Protocol for SWI-Prolog).

Integrate with project.el adding support for SWI-Prolog packs

It would be nice if Sweep would “teach” project.el to detect directories containing SWI-Prolog pack.pl package definitions as root project directories.

Extend the provided Elisp-Prolog interface

Currently, the Elisp interface that Sweep provides for querying Prolog only allows calling directly to predicates of arity 2 (see Querying Prolog), ideally we should provide a (backward-compatible) way for executing arbitrary Prolog queries.