7.2.1 PceEmacs Highlighting Emulation

Sweep comes with a custom theme called sweeprolog-pce, that emulates the Prolog code highlighting provided by PceEmacs, the SWI-Prolog built-in Emacs-like editor (see Using the PceEmacs built-in editor in the SWI-Prolog manual). If you are starting out with Sweep after coming from PceEmacs, enabling this theme may soften your landing by providing a more familiar experience.

The sweeprolog-pce theme only affects faces that Sweep itself defines, so you can use it along other themes that you may have enabled. To enable this theme or the current Emacs session, type M-x load-theme RET sweeprolog-pce RET. To enable it for future sessions, add the following to your Emacs configuration:

(load-theme 'sweeprolog-pce t)

For more information about custom themes in Emacs, See (emacs)Custom Themes.

In versions up to and including 0.20.0, Sweep used to provide a different mechanism for emulating the highlighting of PceEmacs that involved customizing the user option sweeprolog-faces-style. When that option was set to light or dark, Sweep would use different sets of faces that mimic the highlighting of PceEmacs. sweeprolog-faces-style is now deprecated, and you should instead use the sweeprolog-pce theme. Still, in benefit of users that have sweeprolog-faces-style set and expect Sweep to use PceEmacs highlighting, Sweep checks if sweeprolog-faces-style is either light or dark when you first open a Prolog buffer, and if so it simply enables the sweeprolog-pce theme to get the same effect.