8 Prolog Help

Sweep provides a way to read SWI-Prolog documentation via the standard Emacs help user interface, akin to Emacs’s built-in describe-function (C-h f) and describe-variable (C-h v). For more information about Emacs help and its special major mode, help-mode, (emacs)Help Mode.

Command: sweeprolog-describe-module

Prompt for a Prolog module and display its full documentation in a help buffer.

Command: sweeprolog-describe-predicate

Prompt for a Prolog predicate and display its full documentation in a help buffer.

The command sweeprolog-describe-module prompts for the name of a Prolog module and displays its documentation in the *Help* buffer. To jump to the source code from the documentation, press s (help-view-source).

Similarly, you can use M-x sweeprolog-describe-predicate RET to display the documentation of a Prolog predicate. This commands prompts for a predicate with completion. When the cursor is over a predicate definition or invocation in a Sweep Prolog mode, that predicate is set as the default selection and can be described by simply typing RET in response to the prompt.

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