7.2.3 Quasi-quotation highlighting

SWI-Prolog supports quasi-quotations, which allow you to incorporate different languages as part of your Prolog code. Sweep recognizes quasi-quotations and highlights their contents according to the Emacs mode corresponding to the quoted language.

User Option: sweeprolog-qq-mode-alist

Alist of (type . mode) pairs, where type is a Prolog quasi-quotation type, and mode is a symbol specifying the major mode to use for highlighting quasi-quoted text of type type.

The user option sweeprolog-qq-mode-alist specifies the association between SWI-Prolog quasi-quotation types and Emacs major modes. By default, Sweep defines associations for HTML and JavaScript quasi-quotation types. You can change the default choice of mode for these highlighting languages and add associations for other languages by customizing sweeprolog-qq-mode-alist.

If a quasi-quotation type does not have a matching mode in sweeprolog-qq-mode-alist, Sweep highlights the quoted content with the sweeprolog-qq-content face.

For more information about quasi-quotations in SWI-Prolog, see library(quasi_quotations) in the SWI-Prolog manual.