9.1 Multiple Top-levels

You can create and use any number of top-levels at the same time, each top-level with its own buffer. If a top-level buffer already exists, sweeprolog-top-level simply opens it by default. To create another one or more top-level buffers, run sweeprolog-top-level with a prefix argument (C-u M-x sweeprolog-top-level RET) to choose a different buffer name. Alternatively, run the command C-x x u (rename-uniquely) in the buffer called *sweeprolog-top-level* and then do M-x sweeprolog-top-level RET again. This changes the name of the original top-level buffer to something like *sweeprolog-top-level*<2> and allows the new top-level to claim the buffer name *sweeprolog-top-level*.