9.3 The Top-level Menu buffer

Sweep provides a convenient interface for listing the active Prolog top-levels and operating on them, called the Top-level Menu buffer. This buffer shows the list of active Sweep top-level buffers in a table that includes information and statistics for each top-level.

Command: sweeprolog-list-top-levels

Display a list of running Prolog top-levels.

To open the Top-level Menu buffer, use the command M-x sweeprolog-list-top-levels RET. By default, the buffer is called *Sweep Top-levels*.

The Top-level Menu buffer uses a special major mode named sweeprolog-top-level-menu-mode. This mode provides several commands that operate on the top-level corresponding to the table row at point. The available commands are:

RET (Sweep Top-level Menu mode)

Open the specified top-level buffer (sweeprolog-top-level-menu-go-to).

k (Sweep Top-level Menu mode)

Kill the specified top-level buffer (sweeprolog-top-level-menu-kill).

s (Sweep Top-level Menu mode)

Signal the specified top-level buffer (sweeprolog-top-level-menu-signal). See Sending signals to running top-levels.

t (Sweep Top-level Menu mode)

Create a new top-level buffer (sweeprolog-top-level-menu-new).

g (Sweep Top-level Menu mode)

Update the Top-level Menu contents (revert-buffer).