12 Quick Access to Sweep Commands

Sweep defines a keymap called sweeprolog-prefix-map that provides global keybindings for several useful Sweep commands. By default, sweeprolog-prefix-map itself is not bound to any key. To bind it to C-c p, add the following to your Emacs configuration:

(keymap-global-set "C-c p" 'sweeprolog-prefix-map)

C-c p is the recommended binding for sweeprolog-prefix-map, but you’re free to pick any key sequence you like. As an example, with the above binding you can access the Sweep top-level from anywhere with C-c p t.

The full list of keybindings in sweeprolog-prefix-map, assuming the recommended key binding, is given below:

C-c p m

sweeprolog-find-module (see Finding Prolog Code).

C-c p p

sweeprolog-find-predicate (see Finding Prolog Code).

C-c p t

sweeprolog-top-level (see The Prolog Top-level).

C-c p q

sweeprolog-top-level-send-goal (see Sending Goals to the Top-level).

C-c p l

sweeprolog-load-buffer (see Loading Buffers).

C-c p &

sweeprolog-async-goal (see Executing Prolog Asynchronously).

C-c p B

sweeprolog-list-breakpoints (see Breakpoint Menu).

C-c p P

sweeprolog-pack-install (see Installing Prolog Packages).

C-c p R

sweeprolog-restart (see Prolog Initialization and Cleanup).

C-c p F

sweeprolog-set-prolog-flag (see Setting Prolog Flags).

C-c p T

sweeprolog-list-top-levels (see The Top-level Menu buffer).

C-c p X

sweeprolog-xref-project-source-files (see Definitions and References).

C-c p h m

sweeprolog-describe-module (see Prolog Help).

C-c p h p

sweeprolog-describe-predicate (see Prolog Help).

C-c p h e

sweeprolog-view-messages (see Examining Prolog Messages).

C-c p h n

sweeprolog-view-news (see Discovering Sweep).